Little-Known Causes of Chest Pain

About four out of every 10 Americans experience chest pain during their lifetimes, with women suffering from symptoms more often than men, according to data from the American Heart Association. In fact, chest pain is the second most common complaint for people visiting the emergency room. Although many people associate chest pain with a heart attack, that’s just […]

What Causes Fluttering In Your Chest?

There is no wrong way to respond to a flutter in your chest, though several can be concerning. For most people, a little flutter in the chest might startle them or make them think they’re falling in love. However, some people feel these flutters, along with other symptoms and should look for an interventional cardiologist […]

Beyond Chest Pain: Lesser Known Signs of a Heart Attack

Heart attacks are responsible for thousands of deaths in the US annually, and that number continues to grow. The World Health Organization lists cardiovascular diseases as the global leading cause of preventable death, with over 17 million people losing their lives every year as a result. Although heart attacks are a well-known threat to one’s health, they can have […]

Can You Ignore Chest Pain?

Chest pain can indicate simple medical problems like muscle strain from too much exercise or, heaven forbid, a heart attack. The American Heart Association says chest pain is a top 10 reason people go to emergency rooms. More than 7.5 million people sought emergency care for chest pains in 2016, a study shows. Some of those cases weren’t serious, […]